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Lindy Bayley, Artist (3 works)

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Height 100cm x Width 100cm

Acrylic on Canvas

Genre: Nudes

© Lindy Bayley

NRN# 000-36772-0134-01

Exhibit# 1047

Decorative Nude

Height 106cm x Width 96cm

Other Medium on Paper

Genre: Nudes

© Lindy Bayley

NRN# 000-36772-0135-01

Exhibit# 1046


Mercedes-Benz Brighton

Visit the team at Mercedes Benz Brighton to view the stunning works of art by Mercedes-Benz.

Still Life With Shoes

Height 91cm x Width 61cm

Acrylic on Canvas

Genre: Still Life

© Lindy Bayley

NRN# 000-36772-0136-01

Exhibit# 1048